Terms & Conditions

♦ On this site we offer e-Books & Downloadable Software and Delivery Products That substantially are different merchandise Thus do not put them in a basket.

♦ When registering, enter the user information (Specially your Address) carefully that sending the ordered goods won't be difficult. If you do not receive the goods due to incorrect address registration, the customer assumes responsibility for the delay and cost of Re-sending Order(s).

♦ This store use SMTP protocol to send “Registration” , “Invoice” and/or “News Subscription” email and some email providers do not support this protocol or put incoming emails as spam in the SPAM folder so If you do not receive email at INBOX or SPAM folder for 1 hour, choose another email server.

♦ In the online payment method you’ll be redirected to “Shaparak Bank” and have maximum of 10 minutes to enter your account information, so you must hurry card numbers, internet passwords, the Card Verification Value (CVV2) and the card expiry date and if enter wrong encryption code three times , the card is disabled.

♦ For security reasons, online payment is done only with Updated browsers.

♦ In the Cash Payment, you can pay through bank or ATM and timely delivery of goods, send transactions or tracking number to the Marketplace (customer@electiran.com) with your email address registered.

♦ All downloadable goods are free of malware and at least once testing has been done for them purchase and download.

♦ Downloadable Goods link will be automatically activated after online payment and you can use it in the download section at any time in the history of your orders.

♦ Customized items (of any type) and the downloadable goods, does not refundable.